In Betting Grounds, a 16 to 32 Person tournament is set up with
only Omniverse participants, with the bracket being posted in Discord.
Then each person bets on whom they think will win the tournament.

16 Person Tournaments allows 1 bet.

32 Person Tournaments allows 2 bets.

The rewards are as follows;

  • The winner of the 16 Person Tournaments will receive 2 Points to upgrade their fighter.
  • The winner of the 32 Person Tournaments will receive 3 Points to upgrade their fighter.





    Date The Bets

    End Screen

    Video Link
    Betting Grounds 1 16 Person Tournament Ronald McDonald Brackets 11-15-2021
    @smoty#0064: Sabuwu
    @Yannykai#7996: Wolf Hawkfield
    @Jacmiz#0127: Ronald McDonald

    Results Twitch Link:
    Betting Grounds 2 32 Person Tournament Zero Suit Samus Brackets 02-03-2022
    @wasabi#6945: Jack-7, Solid Snake
    @Yannykai#7996: Super Macho Man, T. Hawk
    @aknlfan#0260: Yamato Nadeshiko, Gouken
    @Seedafuture#0324: Android 18, Super Macho Man
    @Jacmiz#0127: Big Bear, Donkey Kong
    @Job#5634: Waria, Waluigia

    Results Youtube Link:

    Twitch Links:
    Part 1
    Part 2