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Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, TN

Part 1: The All Edit Rumble
Part 2: The Phalanx League 1
Part 2: The Phalanx League 2
Part 2: The Phalanx League 3

Part 1
All Roster Pinfall/Submission Only Rumble for a chance to 2k EXP (6k MAX).

(If a Edit wins this that's not claimed by an actual person [like someone from the MWE] then another All Edit Rumble will be held the next Strife with an added 1k bonus, with an additional 1k being added each time an Edit with no handler wins.)



Part 2

The popularity of the Accolade Fighting Kingdom has only grown since it's opening, and with that growth comes a need for MORE. More action, more drama, more BLOOD. Part 2 of Friday Night Strife, also known as the 'Tag Team Block', is hosts to some of the best tag team fighters the world has ever seen. GM Ryken sees the Tag Team division as just as important as the Singles division, and hopes to expand it in this next event; The Phalanx League, a 6-person tag league. In this he hopes that the gladiators of AFK will forge new alliances, gain new enemies and fight harder than ever before. Why? Because the Grand Finalists win 10,000 EXP, each. In case you were unaware, that's enough for a full Parameter Point upgrade. Normal tag teams will be paired up as usual, with a third being thrown in from either the full Roster or the Masked Wrestler Emporium.

This League will be set to 125 speed and is Elimination Style. The Critical setting will be set to normal, so even if you're down a fighter or two don't fret!! You can always make a comeback with a well placed KO or submission. Never give up!!

Leon Devon (big_boyo0)
Trevista (thetrevistaboy)
La Muerte (enjoy_Yourself)