Defended and fought for only during The Games, Fortune & Glory is a sword
and shield bestowed upon the winner of League Week for the courage and strength
that person displayed throughout the usually long and grueling Leagues. Upon
receiving this gift, the winner can then choose to boost any two Stat Parameters
by 3 points each (3 in 1 offensive Parameter, 3 in 1 defensive Parameter), until
such a time that they are no longer the Wielder of Fortune & Glory, at which point
they will lose those 6 points
. Chose wisely, as once you chose you cannot change
those stats until the next League Week!!


Date Won

Event Won At Venue/Location


Title Run Length Video Link
None 0?-0?-2021 EVENT Target Center
Minneapolis, MN
- - - - - -
  • vs (TBD) @ TBD
    0?-0?-2021, Episode 00?