War. War never changes.

Easy to understand, hard to fathom.

The Endless War is a way to 'fill in the blanks' of streams, a way for people to gain the Channel Points they need while being entertained by the spectical in front of them at the same time. In this mode the game will be set up in a All Roster Royal Rumble. As such the match will go on for a super long time with how many wrestlers are on the roster. With this setup the stream can be set up to go for long periods of time where members can stick around in chat to farm the Channel Points they so need to level up and improve their wrestlers.
Always pay attention; if an Edit wins The Endless War they will get a full on Parameter Point.

I will set up the stream to run most every other night and will end the stream come morning. It is in this fashion I hope to create a place where people can hang out and while I am otherwise...



Below is a Beta Version of what the whole process would look like.