LINK: The Main Channel

The main way most people get Experience Points (EXP). Watching while the channel is live allows you to gain;

-50 EXP an hour for live users (anyone in chat).
-Active chatters gain an extra 100 EXP an hour.

The Main Channel is also the only place you can get Channel Points (CP), which are used for a variety of things. They are gained from watching the Twitch channel while it is live or broadcasting a rerun. You can do normal things with CP, like highlighting messages and such, but the main things you can do with CP is;

-Special Skills, which are priced at 1 million CP.
-Converting 50,000 CP for 2,000 EXP.
-Gain a #1 Contendership for 25,000 CP.

You also gain Coins on the channel while it is online or during a rerun. To access the Coins menu simply click on the Belt Icon on the lower right hand side of the screen. Here you can;

-Redeem 10,000 Coins to 5,000 EXP.


LINK: The Writer's Block Forums

Where the writers among us go to flex their storytelling and trash talking muscle. Here you can go on a journey by yourself or with others and further expand the story of the pixelated sprite you see on the screen. You can have them talk in the middle of the ring to already packed arenas to grimy, grungy locker rooms. By writing on the forums (and following the rules on them), you can gain 1,000 EXP per roleplay you post, though this is the bare minimum. You can post twice per show, but with enough effort and polish on your roleplays and extra EXP is sure to follow.