The Masked Wrestler Emporium is a place where people can 'adopt' various Edits
made by AFK Owner Ryken. They are free to claim and ready made for combat. However,
they come as is, and their moves, names and appearances cannot be changed. Please
note that Showcases don't represent the 'actual extent' of your chosen wrestler's
ability, but more to show you moves and how they will approach their matches.
Therefore actual match lengths will vary from wrestler to wrestler when adopted.


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"Hyper Knee"
La Muerte
Offensive Kick
Offensive Agility
Offensive Technical
Panther/Vicious La Muerte is a wrestler who relies on stiff kicks and hard
knees to wear his opponent down. His Mexiknee is feared
throughout The World.
Mexico 5'10"
176 lbs.
Ghost Dance - Showcase Link
"The THICCth Wonder of the World"
Recovery Skill
Breathing Skill
Offensive Rough
Heel/Heel One of the biggest Heels to walk the face of the Earth, THICC UNIT
relies on classic Heel tactics to win and cares little about himself
or winning. An ideal tag team partner, THICC UNIT gets along well with
like-minded people, and hits everyone else with his infamous Knuckle Dusters.
America 6'8"
357 lbs.
Weapon of Mass
- Showcase Link
"The Golden Touch"
Halcyon Gilded
Recovery Skill
Breathing Skill
Offensive Stretch
Vicious/Vicious A classic submission wrestler, Halcyon goes straight away to make his
opponent tap, using various headlocks, armbars and leglocks to stretch
his opponent thin. He has a one track mind, and that is to lock in a
hold that will break his victim in half, every time. He does everything
he can to bring you down to the mat and keep you there, slowing things
down to a crawl so he can keep control of the matches pace.
Canada 5'5"
141 lbs.
All I See Is Gold - Showcase Link
"The Silver Bullet"
Sterling Angel
Yes Ascent Style
Offensive Agility
Movement Speed
Luchador/Luchador A high-flier with a need to stomp her opponents from the top rope to a
fine paste, Sterling Angel is a fearless luchadore with a rather basic
but effective movebase. She wears her opponent down with limited grapple
and ground game, then finishes them off with her top rope hurricanrana,
the Jewel of the Moon.
Germany 5'7"
130 lbs.
Jewel of the Moon - Showcase Link
"The Strongarm"
Violet Victory
Yes Offensive Arm
Offensive Power
Offensive Agility
Power/Power The Strongarm is muscle upon muscle. His 'Stromarm Technique'
pummels opponents to the breaking point, and The Endmaker finishes
them off for good.
America 7'0"
293 lbs.
The Endmaker - Showcase Link
"The Bounty Hunter"
Trapper Wolfe
Yes Recovery Skill
Breathing Skill
Offensive Joint
Offensive Stretch
Offensive Technical
Ground/Technician Trapper Wolfe is a fighter that requires patience; while he's
one of the best submissionist in the known world, he's very
much a glass cannon sort of wrestler, but with the added side
effect of being a rather slow style. A moment without trying
to break someone's limbs is a moment wasted to Trapper Wolfe,
who prefers to weaken and break down his prey so much that
when he offers a handshake late into the match they usually
take it without a second thought, only to be launched into
an armbar. Trapper wants to break his opponents down to a
fine paste, but to get to a point where he can be truly
dominate he requires a lot of investment.
Reader beware!
America 6'5"
266 lbs.
Wolfe Trap/
Judas Handshake
- Showcase Link
"The Ace of Parts Unknown"
Mercy Gunlock
Yes Recovery Skill
Offensive Agility
Offensive Joint
Offensive Technical
Junior/Junior A well rounded and technically sound fighter, Mercy Gunlock wows
with her submission ability and awes with her high flying prowess.
She's a charismatic wrestling machine and loves to go toe to toe
with the best of them.
Parts Unknown 5'8"
127 lbs.
Mercy Killing - Showcase Link
"God Blessed"
Ehrgeiz Scott
Yes Recovery Skill
Offensive Arm
Offensive Power
Offensive Rough
Power/Power With seemingly endless lariats and world crunching power, Ehrgeiz Scott
is a simple man with a simple plan; crush his enemies with every ounce
of his considerable strength, and win with overwhelming force.
Mexico 7'2"
335 lbs.
Dreamland Express - Showcase Link
"The Bebop Samurai"
Sylvia Belnades
Recovery Skill
Breathing Skill
Offensive Rough
Heel/Heel Sylvia Belnades doesn't care about you or your feelings. She'll stab you
with a fork and then mock you for crying about the gushing blood. Much
Like her mentor THICC UNIT, Sylvia is a typical Heel fighter, with little
regard for her opponent's well being and doing whatever it takes to win.
Also like her mentor she's an ideal tag partner, interfering in her friend's
matches and making the lives of her enemies a living nightmare.
America 5'8"
125 lbs.
The Lakitu Effect/
Sweet F.A.
- Showcase Link
"The Engine of Chaos"
Althena Razgriz
Offensive Arm
Offensive Power
Offensive Agility
Power/Power Bringing as much power to the game as she can, Althena Razgriz lives
and breathes destruction. An absolute force of nature in the ring, Althena
uses her seemingly endless powerbomb variations to mash her opponent to
paste in the middle of the ring before dropping them on their head one
last time with her finisher and pinning her victim convincingly. Althena
is a wrestling machine in a pantheon all her own.
Japan 6'3"
295 lbs.
Razgriz Ender - Showcase Link
"Righteous Elbow"
Furious Steele
Yes Offensive Punch
Offensive Power
Recovery Skill
Breathing Skill
American/American They say you can't use an elbow as a finisher, but Furious Steele is here
to prove that you can elbow your way to the top and look damn awesome
doing it. With an almost entirely elbow based offense Furious Steele aims
to prove that just because something isn't a good idea doesn't mean it's
not worth doing, especially if it involves hitting people with as many
elbows as possible.
America 5'9"
176 lbs.
Arcade Cannon/
9021 Elbow
- Showcase Link