Points are what you use to level up your character to make them more powerful. You can gain them in a variety of ways;

  • Every 2 wins gets you 1 Point.
  • Every 4 losses gets you 1 Point.
  • Every 1 title defenses you 1 Point.
  • You can use Channel Points (20,000) to get 1 Point.*
  • You can use EXP (30,000) to get 1 Point.**
  • Subbing to the channel will net you 2 Points.
  • Gifting will net you 2 Points, with a max of 1 per month.
  • Winning an event nets you 2 Points, though this number can vary from event to event.

    *Channel Points is Twitch's currency and is cashed in on the AFK Twitch page in the Chat Box.
    **EXP is Cloudbot's currency and is cashed in on though the Store link on the main page, accessed by typing !store in Twitch chat, or clicking HERE.

    Both of these currencies are gained by watching the channel while live.


    Above is a gif that shows all the ranks of available upgrades.

    With the exception of Movement Speed (which is at 6), Ascent Style (which is at 4), and Up and Down Speed (which is at 2), all these stats start at ZERO. To level them up you need to simply gain the amount of points to level them up. For example;

    Recovery has 3 levels; 0, 6 and 12. Since we all start at 0 for this skill, you would need 6 points to level it up from 0 (Slow) to Medium (6). From there you would need another 12 points to level it from Medium (6) to Fast (12).

    Each skill has different skill levels, so look and make sure you have the correct amount of Points.

    Please note that Special Abilities are not available to be unlocked via this manner.


    The Parameters list on the left dictate the Offensive ability of your skills, and the list on the right dictates their Defensive capabilities. The higher the better. Pretty self explanatory. Look HERE for further information regarding each stat.

    To raise any respective Parameter you will need to expend one (1) Point to a max of 10.