NOTE: More to be added as time goes on.

Q: I just signed up. What can I expect?
A: Welcome!! First, please know that everyone starts off at the very bottom of Level 10. Your matches will be short and won't always end in some sort of spectacular fashion, like hitting your finishing move for the 1-2-3. You level with Points, and in doing so your matches will get longer as your fighter gets better the more Points you give them. The more you stick with it, the stronger your fighter will get.

Q: Why aren't my wins and losses updating?
A: Your win/loss record is only counted from Friday Night Strife and Pay-Per-View results. The same goes for any significant event or accolade your character accomplishes, there for all to see on the roster page, immortalized forever.

Q: Are any matches predetermined?
A: No. All matches are fought by the CPU. In the same vein, you will not win all your matches. We all would LOVE to be WCW Goldberg, but sadly we cannot.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of wrestlers I can claim?
A: Yes, two per Twitch account. At two you can make a tag team if you wish, but any more and you could make your own stable. So two is the max per Twitch account.

Q: Can I leave and come back and pick up where I left off?
A: Yes, though your wrestler will be put on the 'Inactive' section while you're away. While gone they won't be used in any official capacity and won't gain any points while on the Inactive list. When you return just send GM Ryken a tell on Discord.

Q: Will subbing to the channel net me anything special? What about gifting subs?
A: Subbing will net you 2 Points for your fighter/s for that month. You can gift 1 Sub for an extra 2 Points for that month. Beyond that you'll only have my thanks.

Q: Why are Shooters/Fighters/Grapplers banned?
A: Simply put, they don't play well with wrestlers and are meant for a completely different mode of the game. Since this is a wrestling show these styles are banned. That doesn't mean you can't have a wrestler mostly focused on strikes and MMA style grapples, but they cannot be any of these classes.