NOTE: More to be added as time goes on.

Q: Why are Shooters/Fighters/Grapplers banned?
A: Simply put, they don't play well with wrestlers and are meant for a completely different mode of the game. Since this is a wrestling show these styles are banned. That doesn't mean you can't have a wrestler mostly focused on strikes and MMA style grapples, but they cannot be any of these classes.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of wrestlers I can claim?
A: Yes, two per Twitch/Forums account. At two you can make a tag team if you wish, but any more and you could make your own stable. So two is the max per Twitch/Forums account.

Q: Can I leave and come back and pick up where I left off?
A: Yes, though it depends on a few things; if you're a Viewer with a real wrestler and you leave and don't let me know you're leaving, your wrestler may become open while you're gone. If someone snatches them up while you're away then that wrestler now belongs to someone else and you no longer have access to them. However, if your wrestler is still free upon returning you can grab them up again. Furthermore, if you would like to keep all your old edits I suggest keeping track of your upgrades on your own Word document (or more importantly, the DM you would be sending to GM Ryken to keep track of your edits) so you can keep track of everything you've bought. If not then you will have no choice but to start over. However, if you have an Edit that's yours then yes, of course you can come back and pick up right where you left off as they cannot be claimed by anyone else.

Q: Are any matches predetermined?
A: No. All matches are fought by the CPU.

Q: I have two Twitch accounts. Can I combine the points to one account?
A: No. That would be an easy way to double the amount of EXP you gained and put into one wrestler. No combining of points between accounts at all.

Q: Why aren't my wins and losses updating?
A: Your win/loss record is only counted from Friday Night Strife and Pay-Per-View results.

Q: Why did my wrestler just stop and start to breath all heavy?
A: It could be one of two things but the important thing to remember is that Fire Pro Wrestling has a 'Breathing' mechanic. Using moves requires Breath, so when you're out of breath your character stops whatever they're doing and sort of hunches over. During this time they cannot take any action and are very vulnerable. If your character does this suddenly in a match at a time when they seem to have the advantage it means they are refilling their 'Breath' meter so they can continue to use more moves. Being out of breath is very bad, so most time the CPU stops to refill the 'Breath' meter when it's low during matches.