Fire Pro Wrestling World works with the Steam Workshop, so most of the wrestlers you see are Create-A-Wrestlers (CAWs) that I've downloaded and edited down to base stats.

On this screen we will see your Finishing Move as well as any Signature Moves your wrestler has.


Above is a gif that shows all the ranks of available upgrades.

Here is where we all start. 10 Edit points and a dream and possibly a funny mask. All wrestlers start off at Base Stats except for Movement Speed, which is automatically set to Medium, Ascent Style is set to Enabled (which allows you to climb the turnbuckle) and Up and Down Speed (which affects your turnbuckle climbing speed) which is also set to Medium. These are the only points your character has to start with, equaling 10 points total. There isn't a whole lot that needs to be explained but the ones that do are very poorly explained in game. I will attempt to remedy those that need a bit of further explanation.

Wrestler Rank: Rank is used for a separate mode that we don't have to worry about.

Charisma: This is your wrestlers ability to work the crowd and have them cheer for you when you do a big move, finisher or signature move.

Fight Style & Return Skill: The foundation for all characters. Cannot be changed. PLEASE NOTE that all Shooter/Fighter/Grappler Fight or Return Styles are banned and will be changed to Orthodox (the all-around Fight Style) or Vicious, as Vicious usually pairs well with any of those styles and is often better.

CRITICAL! Ability: You can take a look at the picture HERE for a brief and effective look at what each ability in this category does. In the case of the 'Technical' ability, it allows the pins that are automatically part of moves a chance to Critical. These are moves like School Boy pins and Huricanranas into Pins.

Special Skill: These are huge and warrant their own section. Further explanation is at a separate part down below.

Recovery & Recovery (when bleeding): Both forms of Recovery determines how much HP/Spirit your wrestler recovers during periods of inactivity, such as standing on the apron after a tag or standing in the ring while the opponent is outside. Every wrestler has a HP and Spirit pool, as well as separate HP pools for each body part (neck, arms, waist, legs). Moves can target the main HP and Spirit pools directly, as well as the HP for individual body parts. Any damage to a body part is subtracted from that part's HP pool, and once it's empty that damage carries over into the character's Spirit pool.

Spirit & Spirit (when bleeding): Both forms of Spirit affects the chances that a wrestler will get a second wind later in the match, to break out of a submission hold, or kick out, even when their health is at critical levels. The more often a wrestler is pinned or put in a submission hold, especially wear down submissions, the more their spirit rating rises and the more likely they are to be able to come from behind in a match. However, certain moves will actually lower the stat; heel attacks such as low blows, the poison mist attack, Mr. Pogo's Big Fire and Giant Scythe attacks and whatnot, will both do regular damage and spirit damage, or will primarily drop the wrestler's fighting spirit down massively.

Exchange Blows: Allows wrestlers to do a Strike Exchange when in matches. This is on by Default.

Neck, Arm, Back and Leg Endurance: The amount of damage your limbs can take before being pinned or tapping out to a submission. The higher the more damage that part can take.

Movement Speed & Up and Down Speed (climbing turnbuckle): Slow, Medium Slow, Medium, Medium Fast, Fast.

Weapon Choice: None, Chair, Table, Kendo Stick, Sledgehammer, Bat Barbed Wire Bat, Light Tube.


The Parameters list on the left dictate the Offensive ability of your skills, and the list on the right dictates their Defensive capabilities. The higher the better. Pretty self explanatory. Look HERE for further information regarding each stat.

These points affect the attribute of the the COMPATIBILITY of the moves your wrestler uses.


A note on Special Skills; these are GAME CHANGERS. Getting a Special Skill is NOT an easy task and requires a lot of commitment and time. Please note that to get from one tier to the next you need to purchase a skill from the previous tier. So to get to Tier 2, you need to purchase an ability from Tier 1.


Description: Involved with crowd support and repeats popular moves.
Requirement: Use a performance (taunt) when Stamina is at zero.
Effect: The power of the following attack increases by 25%.

Q. Return
Description: Player may stand right up even after a major attack.
Requirement: Remaining Stamina is at 5% to 20%, Spiritual Strength is above 60%.
Effect: After an opponent's attack, you will stay on the ground 1/8 of the time you normally would.

Over Turn
Description: Repeated reversals result in greater damage each time.
Requirement: Remaining Stamina is below 10% and Spiritual Strength is above 30%.
Effect: The rate of "CRITICAL!"s is doubled.

Start Dash
Description: Able to end the match earlier than normal.
Requirement: Remaining Stamina is above 70%.
Effect: All attack parameters are increased by one point.

Description: Will not give up easily.
Requirement: Stamina and Spiritual Strength are at 0%.
Effect: Wrestler will give up to a submission hold at just 1/20th of the normal rate.

Description: Rejuvenates Stamina when opponent shows signs of fatigue.
Requirement: Remaining Stamina is below 5%.
Effect: Two points are added to all attack parameters.

Description: Extremely effective finisher.
Requirement: Use your Finisher the first or second time in a match.
Effect: The offensive power of your Finisher is increased by 150%.

Description: Bleeding increases spirit.
Requirement: You are shedding blood.
Effect: The offensive power of all moves are increased by 10%.

Description: Weapon specialist.
Effect: +3 to attack and defense parameters with weapons.

Description: Attack resistance.
Effect: Strike, submission, and technical critical rates are halved.

Description: Roll with big attacks.
Effect: Suplex and power "CRITICAL!" rates down by 75%.

Description: Healthy/tough body.
Effect: Harder to get a pin unless with 'big' moves.

Effect: "Stardom" + "Finish".

Description: Fast kill and quick stand.
Effect: "Q. Return" + "Start Dash".

2nd Wind
Effect: "Over Turn" + "Q. Return".

Effect: "Strike Back" + "Q. Return".

Description: Concentration in battle.
Effect: "Over Turn" + "Focus".

Effect: "Stardom" + "Over Turn" + "Strikeback".

Effect: "Stardom" + "One Hit Finisher" + "Adapt".

Do Or Die
Effect: "Overturn" + "Guts" + "Strikeback".

Effect: "Guts" + "Focus" + "Hardbody".