The Golden Fighters
Halcyon Gilded, Wolf Hawkfield, Jeffry McWild

The Assist System was developed for one of the main problems of larger Royal Rumbles; winning them in any form or fashion is nearly impossible. If Ring-Out By Moves is on, the likelihood of your fighter lasting any length of time is significantly reduced. To this length, GM Ryken has instituted The Assist System, that is having you recruit 2 other fighters to your side, for the purpose of giving your fighter a greater chance at getting rewards in Rumble style situations, as well as making other aspects of the game more interesting.

So who can be your Assist? Absolutely anyone. From Alts you've created yourself to anyone you can find on the Steam Workshop, anyone you want can be your Assist. Even real wrestlers, if you like.

And the benefits? The benefits of running with Assists have a few benefits that hugely help your character when in effect, but the main one is as follows;

  • Your Assists will interfere in matches for you.
  • If you're in trouble during a match, your Assists will oftentimes do their best to help break up a pin or submission.
  • In multiple person situations, your Assists will not attack you unless you are the last people in the ring.
  • In Royal Rumble situations, your Assists will not eliminate you and instead focus on others.
  • In Battler matches, your Assists will not attack you or other Assist members until you are the final people in the ring.
  • If you or your Assists end up on the Royal Rumble Leaderboards and stay their until the end of the that Rumble, you will gain 2 Points to improve your fighter for each member on the Leaderboard.

    How Does It Work?

    The process is simple; I make your trio a tag team with the game's mods. This allows them to enter the ring with a certain theme song and with whatever name/nickname you come up for them.

    After that, I add your trio to each other's Friend List, thereby making your trio act as a team in matches and not attack each other.

    Rules and Limitations

    As you start your career in AFK, you will only be allowed 2 Assists. Will you be allowed more? Undoubtedly yes, though the Assist System is in its infancy at the moment of this writing (12-04-2021), and will be further expanded in on the future. Furthermore;

  • Your main fighter cannot become an Assist for anyone else.
  • The Assists you have cannot be on the Friend List of any other Edit/Assist.
  • Masked Wrestler Emporium Edits cannot be Assists.
  • You can create your own Assists if you so choose.

    For Example, 'Mountain' Drew Felix and Ali Black are tag team partners, but their respective Assists will attack the other person's Assists and will not act as allies.