Liking what you're seeing? Dope!! Follow this guide to see just how to enter in on the fun and become part of a great community!! Keep in mind that AFK is an Omniverse style efed, so damn near anyone is available for you to claim!!

What You Need
-A Twitch account. Using Channel Points is how you will get title shots, Points, and more. You will need to spend at least 1 HOUR on the channel while it's live for the bot to register your account.

-Discord. It's where we do all of our communication.

Step 1
AFK is based on Fire Pro Wrestling World for PC and works like a lot of efeds out there, except you get to see your matches on screen and like any good RPG you level them up. Your first step to join in on the fun depends on if you have the game and your own character, or not.

  • If you do not have the game but would like to play, your first step would be to claim whatever wrestler/fighter/character you want, as long as they're not taken on the ROSTER. If they are available then you will be able to claim them.
  • If you have the game and your own character uploaded to the Workshop, send GM Ryken a link to your character on Discord.

    Please remember that Shooters/Fighters/Grapplers are banned.

If you don't know who to choose and don't want to pick a conventional wrestler, feel free to pick anyone you like!! From Uzumaki Naruto to Superman, anyone is free to fight in AFK!! Just remember that even though your character may be super powerful in their world, in AFK everyone starts at the bottom. Everyone.

A good resource for characters would be on the Workshop on Steam HERE, where there is a rather huge selection of various characters. You can also search out specific characters in the search bar if you have a better idea of what you like.

Also, the MASKED WRESTLER EMPORIUM is another source of characters you could chose from, if you were so inclined. They are pre-made fighters made my Ryken himself, and are battle tested and ready to go.

Step 2
Now what? Well, now you watch the stream and participate to see your character on official Cards, Pay-Per-Views and other Events!!

  • Join the Discord and post in the #strife-sign-up to be put onto the next Friday Night Strife, get title shots, even points to improve your character!!

  • Events will take place at certain intervals as well, from Tournaments to Rumbles to Leagues, each with different rewards, from Points to titles and fame.

    You fight for fame, glory and accolades. You fight to go down in infamy. And you start by picking your fighter and joining in on the fun. They will all be kept track on the Roster, your accomplishments forever immortalized.

    Come. Join The Kingdom and fight for your place in history.