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The Masked Wrestler Emporium has been added to the Roster. These are ready made characters that are available for anyone to claim, though are unavailable to be edited and can only be leveled up. Anyone is free to claim these wrestlers and keep them for however long they want.


The Daily Battler is LIVE on YouTube!!

What is AFK?
AFK is a story line driven, non-competitive omniverse-style forum efed with matches being based in the Fire Pro Wrestling World video game. It focuses more on the story you write for your character and those around you than it does racking up wins by talking the best trash. Your journey begins and ends how you want it to and the steps you take there will be of your own choosing. Any preconceived notions of what a character "is" should be left in the rear-view mirror; your character is yours. You want to make Superman an evil bastard? You want to make Io Shirai a hardcore champion whose only thought is carnage and destruction? You want to make The Punisher a law-abiding citizen, or CM Punk a booze hound? Within reason, the choice is yours.

The more you watch the Twitch channel and write your story on The Forums the more EXP you will gain to level up your chosen fighter, getting them stronger and stronger so they can solidify their journey to the top. And while slowly but surely your fighter will begin their ascent to the top of the world you'll always start off at the bottom, where they join The World and Centerpoint City, the fictional city where AFK is based.

Start your journey by joining us on the Discord, where we can answer any questions you may have. Then continue by picking your character, either by making one if you have the game or picking one from the Steam Workshop or AFK's own Masked Wrestler Emporium. Join The Forums if you wish, or sit back and become a Watcher if all you would like to do is join the very chill community and talk with us.

The choice is yours.

Currencies of The World
There are three currencies that make the world go 'round in the Accolade Fighting Kingdom: EXP Points (EXP), Channel Points (CP), and Coins.

EXP Points: The main currency of AFK. EXP Points can be gained a multitude of ways, from staying in the channel while it's Live to writing roleplays and promos on the Forums. You can also convert Twickle Points, Coins and Channel Points to EXP Points to allow you to power up your wrestler faster.

Channel Points: These are gained by spending time in the Twitch Channel while Live or during Reruns. Not only can you use them to cash in a shot at the next Battler Championship or get a #1 Contender shot at your choice of title. Channel Points are also the only currency you can gain that allows a wrestler to get any one of the game changing Tier 1 Special Skills abilities listed there. You can also convert it to EXP Points like you can Twickle Points and Coins.

Coins: The Belt Icon that appears on the Twitch overlay is where you go for this currency. You gain ten points every ten minutes while the stream is Live or on a Rerun. This is another way to get EXP Points for your character, as redeeming 10k coins gets you 5k EXP Points.